Reactivation of Voice of Restoration Missionary Trips

After a series of meetings with Rev. William NC Garcia, Rev. James C Garcia, Brother Joseph C. Garcia, and Rev. Bernabé NC García, and upon consultation with Apostle Missionary Pastor Rev. Bernabé G. García, the consensus was reached that the bride of Jesus Christ would be best served if the Voice of Restoration reactivated the missionary trip portion of its ministry.

While it was the President’s desire that the focus of The Voice of Restoration remain the transcription and production of the messages brought by Rev. Bernabé G. García, Brother William and Joseph along with Brother James Garcia felt very strongly that a united front was best served by working under the banner of Voice of Restoration in the missionary field.

There will continue to be a marked distinction between those men sent specifically from Voice of Restoration and those that are merely sympathizers of the the Voice of Restoration. Anyone travelling on official business of the Voice of Restoration will be named specifically on this website under our “Current Trip” and our “Upcoming Trip” section.

Voice of Restoration continues to work in conjunction with other ministries, including but not limited to City of Refuge Ministries, Circuit Rider Ministry, La Sangre de Cristo, and World Wide Missionary Outreach. However, those ministries do not represent Voice of Restoration in an official capacity except as when noted from this website.

In the future ALL official Voice of Restoration events will be announced from this website. Please note that not ALL of the activities posted by Phoenix Tabernacle are Voice of Restoration events. However, our ministries are closely entwined with the ministries of all who follow the message of the hour. We support each and every church’s rights and desires to have events. It is just physically impossible for us to be at every event.

We will continue to announce and to attend non-official Voice of Restoration events as it is our continual desire to fellowship with all of our brothers. An official Voice of Restoration event is one in which the the leadership of Voice of Restoration designs, implements and carries out the programmed activities.

We covet the prayers of each and everyone of you that love the ministry of Rev. Bernabé G. García as we do our utmost to carry on the missionary work he started while remaining faithful to his vision for the future.

In his service,
Rev. Bernabé NC García for and with Rev. Bernabé G. García, Sr.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ministerial Meeting - Valle de Chalco

September 16, 2010---

Today we opened up our annual convention in Valle de Chalco (just out of Mexico City, DF) with a ministerial meeting.  I spoke in the morning. 
Brother Javier Francisco Montero spoke in the afternoon for about half hour on his recent trip to Perú.  It was an awesome testimony.
Bernie III sang a song and gave a testimony of his recent trip to Brazil.  It was amazing to see him in action.
Brother Pedro finished the session speaking for about an hour on the duty for EVERY Christian to spread the gospel.

Many brothers were in attendance, I do not have the names of every one there, but amongst the attendees were:
Ramón Rivera (Culiacan)
Javier Montero (Ixtapalapa)
Manuel Fuentes (Valle de Chalco)
Cornelio Mogollon (Irapuato)
José Guerrero (San Francisco del Rincon)
Juan Carlos Cáceres (Ixtapa)
Baudelio Cortez (Tonala)
Manuel González (Gomez Palacio)
Antonio Correa (Uruapan)
Arturo Trochet (La Piloto)
Jesús Rosales (Mazatlan)
Mario Alcala (La Paz)
Jaime Perez Tapia (Jalapa Veracruz)
Florentino Reyna (San Felipe, DF)

Keep us in prayer that the convention will be a blessing to all that attend, and that the Lord Jesus Christ make himself present in our lives.

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