Reactivation of Voice of Restoration Missionary Trips

After a series of meetings with Rev. William NC Garcia, Rev. James C Garcia, Brother Joseph C. Garcia, and Rev. Bernabé NC García, and upon consultation with Apostle Missionary Pastor Rev. Bernabé G. García, the consensus was reached that the bride of Jesus Christ would be best served if the Voice of Restoration reactivated the missionary trip portion of its ministry.

While it was the President’s desire that the focus of The Voice of Restoration remain the transcription and production of the messages brought by Rev. Bernabé G. García, Brother William and Joseph along with Brother James Garcia felt very strongly that a united front was best served by working under the banner of Voice of Restoration in the missionary field.

There will continue to be a marked distinction between those men sent specifically from Voice of Restoration and those that are merely sympathizers of the the Voice of Restoration. Anyone travelling on official business of the Voice of Restoration will be named specifically on this website under our “Current Trip” and our “Upcoming Trip” section.

Voice of Restoration continues to work in conjunction with other ministries, including but not limited to City of Refuge Ministries, Circuit Rider Ministry, La Sangre de Cristo, and World Wide Missionary Outreach. However, those ministries do not represent Voice of Restoration in an official capacity except as when noted from this website.

In the future ALL official Voice of Restoration events will be announced from this website. Please note that not ALL of the activities posted by Phoenix Tabernacle are Voice of Restoration events. However, our ministries are closely entwined with the ministries of all who follow the message of the hour. We support each and every church’s rights and desires to have events. It is just physically impossible for us to be at every event.

We will continue to announce and to attend non-official Voice of Restoration events as it is our continual desire to fellowship with all of our brothers. An official Voice of Restoration event is one in which the the leadership of Voice of Restoration designs, implements and carries out the programmed activities.

We covet the prayers of each and everyone of you that love the ministry of Rev. Bernabé G. García as we do our utmost to carry on the missionary work he started while remaining faithful to his vision for the future.

In his service,
Rev. Bernabé NC García for and with Rev. Bernabé G. García, Sr.

Saturday, December 1, 2012



From the office of the President:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.  It has become obvious over the course of the last few days that many have become confused, and that others are seeking to take advantage of the general confusion.  Therefore, I thought it might be prudent to clarify some points that I had previously thought too obvious to mention.

I want to apologize if my first report was offensive.  It was not my intention to offend but rather to inform.  It was not a letter, but a report from my heart to yours.  I hope that this clarification will not be offensive, but if it is, I ask for your forgiveness beforehand.

First and foremost, I have received many questions about the
position of my Brother William Noah Castillo Garcia.  In hindsight, I should have foreseen this and prevented it by making specific mention in my first report.  I say I should have anticipated these questions because they are the same questions that were being asked of me by dozens of ministers after the Mazatlan convention.  “What is your position? What happened to you?”

Therefore, let me state unequivocally that there has been NO CHANGE at all as concerning the work that William NC Garcia is in charge of.  William remains the personal representative of my father, and is helping him in that capacity both in Phoenix (Phoenix Tabernacle) and in Mexico (in the different entities there).  Brother William’s position as the personal representative of my father is independent from his work with The Voice of Restoration, Inc. and Phoenix Tabernacle Inc.  William’s position has not changed.  The teamwork and plans that he has been helping to build in Mexico should continue on, and if anything there should be more of a rallying point and support from the ministry of Mexico towards Brother William as he strives to help the believers in Mexico as my father would like them to be helped.

As far as The Voice of Restoration, Inc. is concerned William has been, he is, and will continue to be an important cog in the missionary work.  There is NO greater supporter of William than myself.  In fact, one of the reasons why William was asked by my father to help him in his new capacity was through my insistence.  I have seen the growth in William over the last few years and I told my father that I thought he was ready.  I even went as far as to suggest that he use William instead of me to continue on his work.

To put it bluntly, I cannot think of anyone I admire more, or would love to go into battle side by side with more than my Brother William, and I believe that he is the strong tower through which The Voice of Restoration, Inc. will help Mexico.  Let us speak frankly.  Although I love each and every one of you, and the ministry worldwide, WHO COULD I TRUST MORE THAN MY OWN BROTHER.  I say that not as a carnal man only, but as a missionary who has seen the simple, steady fearlessness and faithfulness of my brother in many tense situations in the ministry.

As far as Phoenix Tabernacle is concerned, William is the Personal Assistant to Pastor Bernabé G. Garcia, and it is through him that my father speaks to the church.  Nothing that The Voice of Restoration, Inc. does has any effect on neither William’s position as pertains to the personal affairs of my father nor the Personal Assistant Pastor position he holds in Phoenix Tabernacle.

Secondly, I perceive that many were offended because in my first report I mentioned that my father said that he did not care if the people did not like his decision to choose me to continue his work as President of The Voice of Restoration, Inc.  Let me state three things about that. 

·         First of all, to any who might think that I made that up, I would share with you that the entire conversation was recorded on video by my brother Joseph C García.
·         Secondly let me state that my father did not mean any disrespect to anyone with what he said.  In FACT, anyone who has known my father for any space of time at all would know that he is a gentle man with much love and respect for all. 
However we ALL have heard him say that he does not care what anyone says, and when he says that, what he is really emphasizing is that when he knows the direction he wants to take, or what the Word of God says, or what God is telling him to do, he is SOLD OUT to God, and will do what God has put on his heart regardless of what anyone thinks or says to the contrary.  And we have ALL LOVED and ADMIRED him for that stand and for those words.
That being said, let me share with you that my dad CARES about the PEOPLE and loves them.
As for me, in my personal opinion, I DO CARE what the people and the ministry think.  After all, which of you like the feeling of being rejected?  It is not easy to take a post when you know that you will be crucified for doing so!
Only out of love for my father, and a love for the people of Latin America would I subject myself to the possibility of censure, ridicule, and despise by those who will not agree with these changes.
·         Thirdly, I would say that those who are upset that he said those words, are just exercising their rights.  To them I would say that I respect your right to have an opinion, but our differences do not exempt us from having to love one another.

One big criticism that I have heard repeatedly was that “the timing is REALLY bad.”  Followed by, “Your dad is in no position to be making these kinds of decisions.”  To which I shall simply reply that there is never a better time to do what needs to be done than AS SOON AS YOU KNOW what needs to be done.  Once my father told me what he wanted me to do, I simply carried out his wishes.  As to those who criticize that my dad is in no position to be deciding who is going to continue on his work for him (followed by the insinuation that he would not have chosen me) I will simply reply that my father told me many times what his decision was (a decision that all of my brothers are aware of) it was ME THAT DID NOT WANT TO COMPLY.  I believe that my dad was in total clarity when he told me to take the position of president, and if he WAS INCAPACITATED as some are trying to say (but saying it very softly less someone think they don’t believe in Pastor Garcia anymore) I would say that if it is true he was incapacitated, then I have the MORAL and LEGAL obligation to relieve him of his duties as President and assume that role since I was the Vice President of The Voice of Restoration, Inc.  Either way, the result is the same.  I would be the President of The Voice of Restoration, Inc.

As to the legality of The Voice of Restoration, Inc. our ministry is incorporated as a non-profit religious organization and classified as a NON MEMBER entity.  The officers including the President answer to the board of directors.  The office (ministry) is not defined by the officer position.  Rev. Bernabé G. García, the founding director, mentor and advisor of The Voice of Restoration, Inc. is ALSO the Missionary Pastor of the work

It is my heart’s desire that all of the men who have served faithfully at my father’s side over the many years would continue to be a part of this ministry.  I also understand that some will not.  They may decide to start their own ministry.  It is possible that they know more than Brother Bernabé G. Garcia.  They are mature adults now.  It is easy to forget how needful we were of the ministry and training Brother Bernabé G. García provided us with, and how, thanks to him, the doors in the missionary field opened to us.  I may be unqualified and unprepared for the work my father has asked me to do, but of one thing I am sure.  The same God that called me is the same God that will prepare me and will guide me through the learning process of becoming a servant to the people of Latin America and the world.

I want to finish this point with one more statement.  More than ever I need my friends and fellow minister brothers to come forward and be the help to me that I truly need.  Throughout the years many have expressed love and faithfulness towards me.  They have assured me that they would be with me in the thick and thin.  I would say that the SILENCE from them these last days has been deafening.

There is way too much work for one man to handle.  There is plenty of work to do together.  Together we can do great things for the kingdom of God.  The Lord has already told me that he would be with me.  The Angel of the Lord has reminded me that he has always accompanied me on my missionary trips.  As Esther was told by her uncle one day, “you may refuse to help your people.  But God WILL raise someone to deliver Israel because Israel will be delivered.”  Someone will step forward and help The Voice of Restoration, Inc. to service the needs of the people of Latin American and the world.  I hope it will be those that I have grown up with, and learned to love.  Men who I have admired, men who have been my friends and mentors; men willing to sacrifice their lives for the missionary work, faithful men who can travel so that I can travel less and spend more time caring for the business of The Voice of Restoration, Inc., and caring for my family which has suffered for so long without my presence as I travelled extensively the last twelve years.

The last point I am going to clarify today is the rumors I have been hearing that Brother Daniel Martin and Brother Floyd Patterson are taking over and dictating the future of Brother García’s ministry.  There could be nothing further from the truth.  Both of these men had talked to dad extensively when my father was in GREAT health (over five and as much as ten years ago).  My father shared with them his vision for the future.  My father made Brother Daniel Martin promise him that he would help his children and his people carry on his vision when the time came.  When talking to my father, he reminded me of the promises Brother Martin and Brother Patterson had made him and said they would be great additions to the board of directors.  The board of directors does not run the ministry any more than the board of trustees run the church.  They each have their function.  The PASTOR runs the church, and the President/CEO runs the ministry.  Brother Daniel and Brother Floyd are very busy with their own ministry (Worldwide Missionary Outreach).  However, they have agreed to stand with Brother García and myself to ensure that The Voice of Restoration, Inc. weathers the upcoming storms and remains true to the vision that Pastor Bernabé G. García has shared with us many times for the future of his work.

To that end, I invite all who have a burden for the missionary work, who have suggestions for events, for places to visits, who would like to extend invitations for our presence with them, please do not hesitate to send me a personal email to  Also, if something I said here bothers you, please write me and let me know.  It is better that you FOLLOW the guidelines of the Word of God, and talk to me, rather than spread gossip and the seed of discrepancy talking to everyone else about how wrong Bernie Jr. is.  The Word of God applies to the internet also.  “If you see you brother do wrong go to him ALONE and speak with him”  Thank you for observing that.

Most important of all, I direct these last words, full of love and grace, to all of the laity.  Those unheralded heroes who love God with all their hearts and are wondering what to make of all of this.  Brothers and Sisters, I am still the same man that I have always been.  A title does not make a man.  Neither does it make him any less.  My love for you remains even stronger.  I long even more to shake your hand, to encourage you, to remind you that no matter what you may have done in life, THERE IS STILL GRACE FOR YOU.  To those of you that live in the high plains of Peru, whom I love and miss so much, I want to let you know that I am exercising as much as possible so that I can lose enough weight to once again visit you.  My heart longs for the spirit filled services I once experienced in Juliaca, but my body was no longer able to withstand the heights.  I have lost 25 pounds, and plan to lose more.  My love for you has not waned.  I long to visit my brothers in Cusco of whom I have heard such great things about from my friend Jorge Scabarrozzi.  May God have mercy on us all.

To the families of Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, Argentina, Paraguay, and to all the countries that I have not yet had the privilege to visit, I send you my love and my father’s love.  Your prayers have sustained us.  We pray that God will strengthen you also.  No matter what may come, know that I love you, and that I will always go where I am invited.  Anywhere that God opens a door for me, I will go and try to rescue the lost and lonely.  To all my friends in Brazil, you know that with a title or without a title, my love for you can never change.  The grace of God has been shed upon you, and you have received the Word of Truth.  Hold to it with all your strength.  It may be a while before I can travel to where you are.  I have a lot to do here in Phoenix, Arizona.  However, never doubt that I want to be with you.  Heaven and earth may pass away, but His Word shall never pass away.  Ministries may come and go, but if you have Christ in your heart you will never be alone, never abandoned, always hidden in the rock of ages.  God’s peace be with you always in these trying times.


Your brother and servant,
Bernabé NC García

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  1. Amen! In the words of my grandfather: love conquers all!
    Jessica Garcia Ruiz


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